Beatbox Kitchen – Various Locations

The innovative concept of ‘food-trucks’ has taken off in Melbourne over the past few years. There just isn’t a question in my mind that a dinner (or lunch) sourced and prepared inside the confines of a vehicle would be a far more exciting dining experience to that of a restaurant. If you are like me and seeking that extra bit of flair and point-of-difference that fails to appear in so many restaurants – you will love a food truck experience.


Today’s Chom will be educating the good people of the world about Beatbox Kitchen (above). As far as I am aware this was the first food-truck to appear on the funky streets of Melbourne. Tweeting and facebooking where it will be perched for a lunch and/or dinner offering, serving a simple menu of burgers, fries and soft drinks. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the basic menu or the sound equalizers on the side of the van, this kitchen produces a seriously good burger. Don’t believe me? Not surprised – I didn’t trust myself either. Take it from The Burger Adventure who voted the Raph Burger (featured below) as 2nd best burger in Victoria in 2012. Elite!


Ordering chips ($5.00) to accompany a burger is a no-brainer. Would you wear shoes without shoelaces? Or drink vodka without red bull? I think not. The same rules apply here. These are thinly cut and Maccas-esque. Lather them up real good with a side of relish or the famous “stereo” sauce and caused a tickle to the taste buds.


I don’t want to stun any of you, and I am not going vegatarian, but in the holy name of the Chom – ‘I shall vow to try most/all things on the menu with or without meat’, I did just that and sampled The Shroom Burger, a soft bun with regular salad, onion and tasty cheese melted onto a mushroom patty ($10.00). You better believe it. It was great actually! Would I get it again? Only if my GP told me to avoid meat – even then I doubt I would listen. Take it from me vege-huggers, this is worth your time.


No arguments in my mind that the main event is The Raph Burger (above $11). Just a no-frills, delicious burger. The combination of the melted cheese and juicy beef worked well with the crunch of the bread and fresh vegetables. I must note that if you don’t eat this burger straight away this can get a little messy but nevertheless its a must chom experience.


Needless to say, there is little more I can do to send you in the direction of some of Melbourne’s tastiest burgers. At this stage, you could do what I did and wait for your first Beatbox encounter at a music festival where the truck frequently visits e.g. Falls, Meredith or Splendour in the Grass. If you can’t wait (I don’t blame you), jump on board their Facebook and/or Twitter page and follow/like along with 20K+ devout fans.

Lastly, while I am in the spirit, I advise you to check out the new food truck directory website/app called ‘Where the Truck At‘. A dedicated team has designed a page that lists all the available options and opening times of Beatbox and beyond. Click the link and open up your chomming to the wonderful creation of Food Trucks.

The Important Details…

Cuisine: Hamburgers & Fries
Suitable for: Young & Old
Price: $10-$15 per head
My View: One of Melbourne’s finest burgers
Follow: Website, Twitter or Facebook

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