Einstein’s 251 – Caulfield North

Eitam Brami, Tomer Gian and Albert Einstein. Three names that you may never have heard in the same sentence until January 2012. For those who are out of the loop – one will just regard the trio as a nice bunch of Jewish gentleman. The in-the loop cafe crowd will know these three gents are the team behind the hugely popular cafe Einstein’s 251. (I am not 100% sure if Albert is a working partner or just a silent investor – please do not quote me on it).

The inside has been kitted out with all the regularities you would expect from a Melbourne cafe. I won’t delve into it because you all know it and all love it. Coffee is a central focus and with Gian behind the beautiful La Marzocco machine at almost any hour of the day, you are in capable hands. Grinding out kilo’s of Small Batch Roasters coffee seven days a week and a menu with a scientific twist there will surely be something here for you.

Now, to kick start the eating we ordered the Reuben sandwich – pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, pickles and Russian dressing ($14.50). I have to say they did an excellent job. There is no skimping on the meat, which always makes me smile and rings true to the US style of sandwiches. You can’t deny the combination of pickles and pastrami, enhanced by beautifully melted cheese and good quality bread.

Nobel Prize Winner – Warm haloumi and mushrooms with cashew nuts, cucumber, tomato, spanish onion and sesame seeds ($17.00).  Good salads are hard to find these days – most of the time there is too much greenery. At Einstein’s they have defied my theory to provide a very substantial dish. The haloumi is fresh off the pan accompanied by warm mushrooms, both smothered in delicious teriyaki sauce. The sauce was similar to the miso glaze you will commonly find on nasuden – which I am in love with. A top dish.

E=MC² – Potato and spring onion fritters with grilled tomato, avocado, grilled haloumi, tomato relish and a poached egg ($17.50). Besides the fact that this has an amazing name about an equation I will never understand, this was a very wholesome, delicious dish. The best way that I would describe these fritters would be similiar to latkes, slighty more plump and less greasy. More value and less fatty = the chefs here could be geniuses. Add a perfectly poached egg on top with sweet relish all around – my friends, this is Chommery approved.

Theory of Relativity – Spiced grilled chicken, fresh tomato, beetroot, harissa aioli, Spanish onion and rocket ($13.00). Labelled the ‘not so serious’ chicken sandwich – I would have to agree compared to it’s Reuben brethren. A relatively basic option that has stood the test of time.

Jack’s Burger – Mixed lamb and beef patty, tomato, beetroot relish, pickles, spanish onion, aioli, lettuce with smokey cut chips ($17.50). This burger was almost too big to fit in the lens of our camera. The chommery himself did not acutally sample the burger because the pattty apparently contained pinenuts (unfortunate allergy). The report back described this beauty as very juicy and delicious, maybe a touch too much lettuce, easily fixed. The chips were awesome and who doesn’t love aioli?

Now, Eitam and Tomer may be geniuses or even potential descendants of the great man himself. Maybe they are just two blokes with their heads firmly screwed on who saw a gaping hole in the Caulfield cafe market. I cannot help but mention some serious help from their two lovely wives who manage the very busy floor Monday to Sunday. Einstein’s 251 has braved their location and been rewarded accordingly. Locals love it. It has brought great coffee and excellent cafe fare to an otherwise quiet strip. I will love and leave you on that note – we can all use our brains and give Einsteins’ a shot.

The Important Details…

Cuisine: Smart cafe fare

Noise: Buzzing

Suitable for: All people

Dress: Preferably in clothes or a lab coat

Price: $15 – $20 per head w coffee

My View: Easily the best Caulfield has to offer!

Address: 251 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield North

Phone: (03) 9939 51365

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6 thoughts on “Einstein’s 251 – Caulfield North

  1. piggyeatalot

    OMG my tummy is rumbling loudly reading this blog… I have to add another onto my wishlist thanks to your post again! ^^ I don’t think I will be able to choose what to eat in here though! I REALLY want that salad but then that E=MC² look so friggin awesome too….I am having a MAJOR case of FOOD ENVY!!

  2. Alice Peer

    I agree with youI I think the Nobel Prize Winner is awesome. i had it the second time I went there and now I can’t go past it! Have tried the e=mc as well, great idea as so many people are not eating bread these days. And great coffee, those who were disappointed once in the coffee should give them a second try. And have an alfajores with your coffee – a delicious shortbread biscuit sandwich with something yummy inside and coated with chocolate – dark, milk or white, your choice!

    1. The Chommery Post author

      Hey Alice. Thanks for your nice comments. I totally agree with you about Einsteins, it’s a great cafe.

      Thanks for the tip about the biscuits, I will be in soon to sample them with a nice latte.


  3. Sarah kaye

    Great Service, Food excellent…consistently good, fabulous ambience, easy to park. Friendly & helpful, accommodating staff. On the money!


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