The St Kilda Galleon Cafe – St Kilda

The single thought that cannot escape my mind every time I think of the St. Kilda Galleon Cafe is ‘consistency’. It is a basic fundamental concept that a customer would expect in continual interactions with any business. More often than not, you would be hard pressed to find many cafes that are consistent in serving up excellent cafe fare, extracting smooth coffees and staying competitive with their pricing. Look no further than Galleon if the above mentioned criteria floats your vessel.

You will find The Galleon nestled nicely at the beginning of cosmopolitan Carlisle Street in St Kilda and just far enough from the intersection of the ever iconic Acland Street. For The Chommery, we strongly prefer cafes located slightly off the main drag for the simple reasons that the prices are often cheaper and the crowd attracted generally ‘want’ to go to the cafe, rather than it be just a place to eat and leave. Outside, Galleon is comprised of some multi-coloured and assorted seating along Carlisle Street where you can catch some serious vitamin D when the sun is saying hello.

I adore the fit-out inside; comprising an assortment of old retro mullti coloured tables and a unique array of chairs surely collected from here, there and everywhere. Not to mention the fact that bar a couple of minimal renovations, the look has safely been kept intact for many years.
Galleon seems to rest its reputation on consistently producing simple, yet satisfyingly tasty food demonstrated through an all day breakfast (the best) and a lunch menu from an early 11:00am. Porridges, pancakes and eggs are all completed with a great variety of sides and toppings for breakky. Lunch could be anything from homemade Spanokopita Salad to a vegie burger or even a spiced lamb souvlaki salad.

Soy Late ($4.00) & Long Black ($3.20). No fancy barista styles or single origin blends at this place (which is more than fine), just smooth and ever dependable caffeine hits morning through till afternoon.

The Galleon burger with an egg ($15.80) will generally do the trick if you are looking for a meal of considerable size. Filled with all your standard insides and patty coated with melted cheese, I”m sure y’all can see one of these in front of you soon. Watch out, once the egg’s yolk combines with the beetroot juice it can form quite a spot on your pants or top. The edible pickle garnish works well holding this bad boy together.

A Beef sandwich with salad and cream cheese ($10.00). Sandwiches are a classic. They’re pretty straight forward, yet so many cafes mess them up. For a sandwich, this was fairly decent. There was a good filling to condiment ratio with well-portioned bread slices. I must say, once in a while you just feel like a regular joe and a regular sanga is all that is needed to satisfy.

Poached Eggs ($8.80) with bacon ($3.50) and relish ($1.50) on multi grain. Perfectly poached eggs, crispy bacon and a sweet dressing to coat – Need I say m0re? Well, one more – Heaven!

Scrambled eggs on sourdough ($8.80) with side of mushrooms ($3.50) and sweet potato hash brown ($3.50) on rye bread. No one ever orders scrambled anymore, and to those that do, I salute you! Yellow, soft and buttery couldn’t better describe Galleon’s scrambled. The heavily fried sweet potato bomb on the side works a charm with this and other dishes offered.

Continually drawing a diverse and eclectic range of people, Galleon continues to it’s winning formula a pleasing everyone (well, almost everyone, some people are unpleasable – fact). Galleon opens it’s blinds to the public seven days a week from 7am to 5pm. Don’t be surprised if you spot a celeb or two, maybe even a footy player chomming down some grub at this St Kilda institution. To close my spiel on a powerful note – Galleon is St Kilda. St Kilda is Galleon.

The Important Details…

Cuisine: Cafe

Noise: Buzzing

Suitable For: Young and old

Dress: Whatever Trevor

Price: $15 – $20 per head

My View: A classic spot that rarely faults

Address: 9 Carlisle Street, St Kilda

Phone: (03) 9534 8934


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