La Piadina – North Bondi (NSW)

A short walk down from Sydney’s famous Bondi beach holds this excellent hole in the wall cafe. This place is popular for its Italian flat bread fold-overs that can be filled with a variety of ingredients, the corner stones of which include local and foreign assorted cured meats and cheeses that together provide an excellent snack.

La Piadina proved to be a great getaway from the crowds and hustle-bustle along the coast line. Although the location is secluded it is situated close enough to the beach to wander back down to Bondi after your visit. This place is very small with space for approximately ten people sitting inside and a few stools out the front (displayed above).

The simple design of the open kitchen together with the coffee machine form the foundations which contribute to the cool fit out inside the compact area. A menu of approximately 11 different fold-over options allows for some variety. Furthermore, the piadinas are cut into four pieces allowing groups to share and mix it up.

The first one was No. 11 – Tuna, mozzarella, tomato and rocket ($15) – a classic combination!

The second was No. 4- Bresola, pecorino and rocket ($11). Both of these dishes were made with very fresh ingredients and were delicious!

I would recommend this place for anyone looking to find a reasonably priced, quality feed and to those attempting to avoid the commercial chaos that has become of the area surrounding Bondi beach. La Piadina is a little gem for a heavenly snack.

The Important Details…

Cuisine: Italian

Noise: Pleasant background music in the small space

Suitable for: All

Dress: Beachwear/Relaxed

Price: $10 – $20

My View: A delightful spot for a snack

Address: 106 Glenayr Avenue, North Bondi NSW

Phone: (02) 9300 0160


La Piadina on Urbanspoon

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